Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives


The Internet obviously has a vast amount of information available. Websites for charities such as the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) focus on the Palestinian Side of the Conflict, in hope to aid the people of the state, without much involvement in political affairs.


This is a charity I will partially use, to analyse the current situation in Palestine.


One of the goals of this charity, is to raise money, in able to fund their operations in Palestine.

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 13.31.05


I can assume from this, that some of the stories posted in their ‘Reports’ page, are exaggerated slightly, to provoke an emotional response in their audience. This is why I have decided to email the charity, with a short questionnaire. This will allow me to have in total, 3 perspectives of the current situation.




  1. A politically motivated perspective, from the British Media.
  2. An Pro Palestinian view, from the charity websites such as the ISM
  3. A Real view, from aid workers currently in Palestine.


Another advantageous perspective would be a pro Israeli one. This would be more difficult to obtain via primary research, however through means of secondary, this would be accessible.



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