Understanding the Conflict

Before i can assess the representation of Palestine, by the British media, i want to understand the conflict, to broaden my knowledge of the topic at hand. this is why i have explored without limiting to the UK, information regarding the conflict.

Via google scholar, i have found a book called “Image and Reality of Israel – Palestine Conflict”, by Norman G. Finklestein.

Norman G. Finkelstein, 2003. Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, New and Revised Edition. 2nd Edition. Verso.

“…the core of Zionist belief, and proved to be the principal obstacle, to any reconciliation with arabs- namely that Palestine should one day contain a Jewish majority.” (pg. 7, Image and Reality of Israel – Palestine Conflict, 2003)

this ideology held by the zionists, is assessed as the principal obstacle to Arab- Israeli peace. The Channel 4 Dispatches documentary “Children of Gaza”, shows a first hand opposition in palestinian mentality, in defence of their land.

Dispatches – Videos – Children of Gaza – Channel 4. 2013. Dispatches – Videos – Children of Gaza – Channel 4. [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/videos/all/children-of-gaza. [Accessed 10 December 2013].

at 00:26s of the documentary short clip, the subject states “we will defend our country and not let them one inch into our land.”

from the above book, the BBC, Channel 4, and the ISM website, it is clear, than the main cause for dispute between the state of israel, and the Palestinian people, is ownership over land. the other problems, including the blockade for aid and food, are extensions of this initial problem.

Palestinian Loss of Land

Juan Cole, (2010), Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946 – 2000 [ONLINE]. Available at:http://www.juancole.com/images-ext/2010/03/map-story-of-palestinian-nationhood.jpg %5BAccessed 10 December 13]

This is the change in palestinian and israeli land, since a year before the United States, provided the jews their own official land, as seen in the map, second from the left.

this helps to understand the anger in the palestinian population, and the outrage of attacks, since 1969 until present. it also, indirectly states the impact of the zionists, over israeli military action.


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